Chi Studio

Certified Mind & Body Consultants

Chi Studio is a professional full time studio situated within Worcester City centre, with secure parking and convenient access by train.

Our studio is set over two floors, hosting mental, physical and virtual training.


We offer Human Performance, using bespoke training methods, Psychology of Kung Fu, Chi Kung, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as well as helping those who simply want to improve technique and enhance fitness.


Mental focus and emotional resilience are becoming increasingly important in today’s society. All our consultants deliver professional tuition aimed at helping individuals become physically energised, mentally focused and fully engaged in the moments that matter.

We help search for life’s balance in the chaos of existence.


learn how to...

Conquer Depression

Overcome  Anxiety

End Panic  Attacks

Cultivate Healthy Sleep

Overpower Bullying

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“Chi Studio Worcester helped with my mental focus and with my PTSD”

- S. Dawkins
(Ex SAS Member)

"Dave and his team deliver so much knowledge and skill... It’s a life changer”

- K. Osgathorpe (Peak Performance Consultant)

“Skill like no other, Worcester’s only full time Wing Chun and Chi Kung centre, Inspirational."

- Angela P.  (Solicitor)

"Dave saved my life from drug abuse and depression, he gave me a focus in life”.

- Anon 
(Security Officer)


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