The Studio



Chi Studio is the brainchild of Worcester born David Taylor (founder of Wing Chun Dynamics and co founder of Masters.Black)

After decades of teaching and sharing his knowledge to corporate and personal clients from around the world, he decided to open a full time studio offering unique skills from various consultants, all with a different skill set and background.

Our current consultants have over 100 years of knowledge between them.


Chi Studio is Worcester’s only full time centre offering such training and opportunities.


The studio delivers various packages and programs, physically, mentally and virtually. All can be delivered individually, as a group or team.

Being in a positive state has significant impact on our motivation, productivity, and wellbeing.


Studio 1 is everything physical, Kung Fu, Chi Kung, fitness and meditation.


Studio 2 is for CBT, humanistic counseling and a relaxation zone, where you can sit and have a confidential chat with tea and a piece of cake.

Also there is a virtual training area for online packages and programs.


The studio is a unique place within the faithful city where you can start your journey to find the ultimate you.


Develop coping mechanisms.

Mental and physical exercise.

Increase mental focus.

Learn how curiosity/challenge is the engine of achievement.

Emotional resilience and intelligence.

Self-confidence and belief.

Personal Safety and conflict management.