David is widely acknowledged and recognised around the world as one of the leading experts in Peak Performance using Internal Energies and Kung Fu Psychology.

Uniquely, David has utilised his four decades of exclusive and intensive training to promote and help people gain personal and professional development.

His portfolio of clients include ‘A’ list celebrities and successful ‘C’ suite businessmen and women, nationally and internationally.

He is currently using his expertise and knowledge to motivate and give Mental Focus to students who experience anxiety and stress during their exams.

As one of the worlds leading authorities on personal safety, he offers individuals confidence, self-belief and personal excellence. 

Master and Founder of Wing Chun Dynamics Kung Fu

Co Founder of Masters Black

Master of Chen Jin Iron Shirt Training Method

Master of Fifteen Treasures Golden Bell Chi Kung

Master of Ci Jin Muscle and Tendon Strengthening Chi Kung

Gold Sash in Peng Jin Moving Meditation and Focus Techniques

Honorary Black Sash in Pao Chui Three Emperor Cannon Fist

Honorary Black Sash in Tui Na Breathing

Honorary Black Sash in Four-Mile Finger Focus Techniques

Dedicated Member of the Hall of Fame for the World United Martial Arts

Member of the World Board of Black belts

British and European Kung Fu Forms Champion

British Champion in Gor Sau Full Contact

Principal for the Department of Personal Development

Senior Consultant for the Institute of Workplace Development

Human Performance and Mental Focus Consultant using Kung Fu Psychology

Expert in Body Mechanics and Sensitivity using Tension through Relaxation

Motivational Speaker